COM 267L: Leadership Protocol Course in Debate

Communications 267L was a cohort class in debate. As leaders of today it is important that we know how to lead effectively and respectfully and part of that is being able to properly communicate our feelings and opinions. To be frank, I really disliked this course. It is not the essence of the course that I had an issue with, because I actually find debating and research to be interesting, it was the execution of the teaching.

I will leave the name of this professor out by calling him K. K was the professor for my specific class and we immediately got off to a rough start. He often times hindered learning by speaking to me and other as if we were unintelligent and was very argumentative in the opposite way you would expect a debate professor to communicate. We didn’t have our first debate until mid November, 12 weeks into the semester, with little background knowledge of debate and how to debate. We were thrown into research we had absolutely no knowledge of and when we asked questions in regards to the debate I often times found myself dosing off because K’s relies were completely irrelevant to the topics and questions and his tone towards his students made me cringe. All tests were open book, open note so I really didn’t learn anything, and even though I’m not planning on majoring in debate, it is extremely frustrating to sit in a class twice a week that you are getting absolutely nothing out of besides constant mocking and disrespect.

If there is anything I learned from the class it was internal. I realized, as my frustration for K increased, I had to learn how to bite my tongue, and understand that though I wish I could tell him exactly how I feel, it would do me no good. I learned how to not let my face reflect my emotions and consider myself slightly more in control of my frustrations. I also was very impressed with my fellow classmates in our ability to not let the debates and varying opinions affect our relationships outside of the class. I believe this shows what true leaders we all are because of our ability to leave class as good of friends as we had entered.



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