Julia Nachman <3

As a second year LAS, we have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to a Freshman LAS recipient.  The process is very intense and everyone looks for their perfect mentee match. My mentee is Julia Nachman! First of all, she is absolutely adorable!!! She is also a dancer, so we were both fortunate enough to make the CMU dance team together. This made experiencing her first year of college and my first year on the dance team easier, because we were together so often!

I found it hard to have the title of her mentor, because I really am not that much older than her. My wisdom doesn’t reach much further than hers and I didn’t want to act as her superior. A lot of LAS people refer to their mentee as their child, and I never wanted that relationship with Julia. I have tried my best to provide her with resources and share my knowledge of college, but I really wanted our relationship to be voluntary; if we were meant to be friends, we would be, I was not going to force a relationship. Luckily, we get along really well dance team gave us an opportunity to gain a relationship that was voluntary and easy despite the strains of college.

She is one of the strongest people I have ever met, and I was so lucky to get a mentee who I could mutually grow from. She has life experience that is so unique and important for others, which makes her incredibly special. It has been great to she her find her place on campus effortlessly and see her get involved in the areas she is passionate about. In another chance of fate, Juli and I were assigned to the same Alternative Break in Atlanta, Georgia. So to finish our first year together, we will be mutually serving another community of a week long service trip. Fate has made us mentor to mentee, and chance has provided us the opportunity to share our experiences. I have been honored to be her mentor and her friend.



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