College Events

November 20, 2016

Black Fraternities

This past weekend I attend my first “black party”. This refers to an event held by the black fraternities on campus, The Divine Nine. I had never attended one before, because I have never had many black friends. I always wanted to go though so I received my first invite. I was definitely out of my element. I believe I knew 3 songs the whole night, while everyone else knew every word of every song. I didn’t know many people either, which made me even more uncomfortable.

The fraternities in attendance did was they call, “strolling”. It somewhat resembles stepping, which is a signature part of black fraternity/sorority culture. They had choreographed combinations that they performed in a line around the party. It was so interesting to see this side of black culture because I have never been a part of it. They were all excited and passionate about such a simple act. I have always grown up around white people, and to some degree I felt in that moment like a “bad black person”. I couldn’t relate to the experience everyone else was having, however, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was interesting to see what other people appreciated and even find that I wasn’t so alone in my loneliness. I think attending this party was the best thing I could have done for myself; it exposed me to another culture I have been yearning to understanding and experience, and I made a few friends along the way.


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