My name is Allegra Berry, I am originally from the small town of Greenville, Michigan, which if you didn’t know is the birthplace of the Meijer Grocery store chain! I am an only child and live with my mom and my four cats, Lilo, Oatley, Bear, and Max.

I am currently attending Central Michigan University studying Biomedical Science with a minor in leadership. I am apart of the Leadership Advancement Scholar 2015 cohort as well as a Multicultural Advancement Scholar at CMU. Since being at Central, I’ve had many opportunities to get involved. I am an LAS scholar, which has amerced me in multiple leadership seminars and conferences as well as exposing me to some of the most dedicated and influential people I’ve ever met. I am also a member of the Special Olympics College on campus. I am currently looking into being involved in Program Board and Student Government Association, as well as Greek Life.

Fun facts about me:

  • I am classically trained in Ballet and danced for 12 years
  • I want to become a spinal surgeon after I complete medical school
  • I want to learn Spanish, Chinese, and Sign Language in my lifetime
  • I hate cooking, but only for myself
  • My lifelong dream has been to have a dog 🙂

I hope you enjoy following along with me through the successes, trials, and tribulations that come along with the process of college and ultimately the rest of my life.

–Allegra Berry