I am originally from Greenville, MI where I attended Greenville Senior High School. In high school I had a large interest in biology and the sciences, as well as marketing. Though I really love Greenville, it wasn’t a place where I could grow IMG_5433as a person, gain experience, and become the open-minded, generous leader I want to be. So, I found myself at CMU.

I am currently attending Central Michigan University to pursue a degree in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in leadership and a cultural certificate in East Asian Studies. The cultural certificate also includes the learning of the Chinese language.

I chose CMU for the LAS scholarship and leadership opportunities as well as the medical program hereThis has to be one of the most beautiful campuses in Michigan!. Due to the construction of the new medical school, I knew Central was moving towards a focus in medicine which was extremely appealing to me.

In the future, after graduating from Central Michigan, I would like to continue my education in medical school (preferably in a warmer state). My main focus once reaching medical school would be spinal therapy and/or spinal surgery. This topic hits home for me personally and truly peaks my interest.