My goals, as of the Spring semester of 2016, are as follows:

  • Join either the Dance Team or Club Volleyball Team my sophomore year. I failed to find the tryout days for the dance team in time in the fall, so I plan on keeping a sharp eye on their orgsync page!
  • Identify whether I want to continue to pursue my degree in Biomedical Science or switch to a Political Science major. I scheduled to take my LAS required political science a year early so I could get a feel for the subject. I’m hoping to solidify my decision my the end of my freshman year.
  • Find a job that will give me experience in the field I want to pursue, so that I am adding experience to my resume while also making money. I am currently in contact with a family friend with her own law practice. If I could get a job working for her this summer it would allow me to get real world experience in the filed I am looking at.
  • Achieve all A’s during the 2016 Spring semester
  • Commit to attending all the remaining Program Board meetings on Wednesdays. I have been wanting to be apart of Program Board since I started school here, but haven’t yet made it to the meetings.

I will be periodically adding goals as my years at Central continue!