Leader Advancement Scholarship

The Leader Advancement Scholarship is honestly the best thing that ever happened to me, and I mean that in the most literal way possible. The scholarship is awarded to 40 high school seniors distinguished in leadership and service. I honestly am shocked that I was chosen to be a apart of this outstanding group of people. Yes, I was very involved in high school and volunteered a lot, but meeting all of the other students recruited for this scholarship, if seems as though I hardly compare! I guess the lesson here is never doubt your abilities and take pride in what you do; you never know when it could lead you to something amazing.

First of all, having 49 friends at college before you’ve even met any of them is the best feeling ever. I had 49 people who I already loved and who already loved me. College is stressful; you have to move away from home and be independent and in most cases without anyone you know. Not only did I have my cohort, but also the whole Leadership Institute staff, who immediately made me feel at home.

LAS members are some of the positive and spirited group I’ve ever been exposed to. To be honest, I’m the opposite. When I got to competition, tons of sophomore LASers stormed me and I grew very overwhelmed. I told my mom afterwards that there was no way I was going to take the scholarship because they would all hate me. When I got the call however, it was impossible to say no. I’m glad I took the chance on these people because they make me a better person and me the world to me. This first year has been great and I love the support I have and have been able to give. If you are, want to be, or know someone who is a leader, apply for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship; you will not regret it.