I have a variety of passions all of which effect my daily life, but I’m also still discovering some as I embark on the journey of life. Some of the passions I’ve unearthed thus far include:

  • Animals
    • This is something my mom and I both share. One time, I found a baby raccoon whose siblings had all been hit by cars. I drove all the way home, woke my mom up at midnight, drove back, picked up the babies that had passed and buried them back at my house. We tried to bring the last one home, because I had planned to raise it. He did scurry up to my hands but then decided to run off. I still think about him every time I pass that spot.
    • I’ve also been asking for a puppy every gift giving holiday since I was able to speak. To this day I’ve never had a dog…tear
  • Volunteering: I love volunteering so much! It’s one of those things that doesn’t feel like a chore to me. I wish more people felt that same way I do. I’ve actually decided I’d rather volunteer abroad instead of study abroad
  • Pinterest: You can find so many cool things on there! I love crafting too, so when I have free time, I go crazy with Pinterest projects.
  • My TV Shows: I get into television shows like no other. When I find a show I like it is complete commitment all the way to the end. My favorites include:
    • Vampire Diaries
    • Pretty Little Liars
    • Scandal
    • Arrow
    • How to Get Away with Murder
    • Castle

This may seem like a lot of shows to get into, but they are just all so good I have to watch all of them. And a lot of them are in opposite seasons so it isn’t like I am glued to the TV 24/7.

*I highly suggest all of the previously mentioned shows*

I’m hoping to find other passions as I continue to find myself through these next 4 years of college. I hope that a passion I find leads me to my dream job. At this point I’m allowing the wind to lead me because I still haven’t figured out who I am, but what better place to start than CMU.