Professional Development Portfolio


The overall goal of my PDP was to “DO MORE”.  In several of my projects, I asked myself whether I felt I had done or was doing enough. The campus events I attended were professional development, as well as passions that I had not fully tapped into yet or felt I was not doing my part. You can see this rubbing off in other ares of my life as a result of this project push. I am participating in a Alternative Break related to animal protection passion, foregoing my make-up routine on a regular basis, joining College 101, and be more deliberate about what involvements I focus on.

Aside from professional improvement, I also tackled activities that pushed my personal boundaries. I had set goals like eat healthier, be more confident, etc., but hadn’t made the effort to change anything. While the activities were completed for an assignment, the effects they had on my overall wellbeing are choices I made and want to commit to. The one thing I would have done differently is engage more fully with other Honors students.  We all had our own projects, but I think I could have achieve more milestones if I had made a greater efforts to complete the activities with a group, like Vegetarian week.

I am proud of a lot of different parts of this project. Because I was aware my activities were meant to challenge me, I was more willing to push boundaries where I normally wouldn’t. I answered questions in a large forum about politics, I slept outside in the rain, and I let myself be vulnerable on more than one occasion. This project taught me to think of every day as a challenge that I want to, in some form, complete. It is also about using your challenges to challenge others and vice versa. I was encouraged to continue sleeping outside into the night because other people were out maintaining a positive attitude. My roommate supported me through developing a new diet for myself. I think this project puts challenge into new perspective. The lesson and focus of my project of “DO MORE” is simply accepting the challenge of life in even the small everyday opportunities, which is ultimately what all my activities were.

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