It is funny how difficult it is for people to describe something they are good at if they are good at it. Yet, for the majority, it’s the hardest thing we could do in a day. I have never been good at identifying things I’m good at because it is so subconscious.

I would say I am pretty good at public speaking. Being in front of a crowd as always come somewhat naturally for me. I’ve also committed to practicing a lot though as well. I participated in DECA in high school, which was a marketing competition almost entirely focused on your ability to sell what you were saying. I gained a lot of confidence through this. I think my ability to present in front of others is a reassurance to my followers or group members; it allows them to feel confident in themselves seeing it done and feeling that aspect of support.

Other skill I’ve possess and have learned to love is event planning. I particularly enjoy charity events, but I will jump into just about anything I can get my hands on. I’m pretty sure this feeds into my control-freak personality, but that can be very beneficial to a large project such as event planning. I am very passionate about everything I do and I believe this is a key ingredient to this talent; I will go above and beyond to make things special. I believe this has allowed me to excel as a leader because I have learned to coordinate people and resources, time, and a vision. I also think I have the ability to inspire perfection in this skill.

Most people don’t think of this as a good trait, but I am very good at arguing. I pride myself at being educated and appreciate debates and conversations about controversial and important social issues. I have always been told that I’d make a good lawyer, because I can be passionate about anything. While I don’t argue to offend, I feel it is my job to share knowledge and improve the world by engaging in it.

I am also the queen of napping. I can lay down for a 30 minute nap and get up 3 hours later. I can nap anywhere as well- car, couch, class (though I try not to), standing, etc. Everyone has to learn when it’s time for a break, and I think I’ve mastered this technique.